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The Legendary Bob Proctor recommends Steve Q

Learn to Master the Art & Science of Effective Sales Communication from One of the World's Most Acclaimed Sales Mentors

Increase Your Sales by 74% in 60 Days or Less

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Steve Q has been at the 'coal face' of direct sales for 40+ years.

As a consistent award-winning top sales producer wherever he's worked, Steve has earned multiple 7 figure incomes several times over, whilst leading from the front - developing and coaching winning sales teams to more than £6 million in monthly sales figures.

Steve is of the firm belief that attitude above all else is the golden thread in all highly successful salespeople and sales teams. A healthy, positive and pleasing attitude will attract like people, environment and circumstances into our reality.

Nothing Happens Anywhere Without a Sale First Being Made

Clients Who Have Worked with Steve Q

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As a Master of Sales, Steve Q has been Consistently Endorsed by Some of the World's Most Legendary Entrepreneurs & Speakers

Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor

Legendary Motivational Speaker, Self-Help Author & Star of 'The Secret'

Peter Sage

Peter Sage

Serial Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author & Creator of the Elite Mentorship Forum

Richard Denny

Richard Denny

Legendary Sales Trainer & Author of 'Selling to Win'

Mike Dooley

Mike Dooley

New York Times Bestselling Author of 'Infinite Possibilities

"Steve Q has a secret - he's an absolute pro when it comes to helping people develop professionalism in the field of selling. I met Steve years ago in England and I was fascinated with the way he operates.

If you want to increase your sales results - get Steve in there."

"Steve Q has spent a lifetime blending sales skills and psychology, as well as being an entrepreneur. Steve is the man when it's comes to understanding sales psychology and you need to hire him."

"As a mentee, colleague, and friend, Steve is unquestionably a master of sales and communication. I think this is largely due to his obsession and passion for both the profession and the people he serves."  

“Steve's passion and knowledge are unrivalled in sales and achieving peak performance. As an entrepreneur and businessman he has had to walk his talk and learn what he teaches in the trenches. Any smart student can shave years off of their learning curve by paying close attention to Steve.”

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sales coaching
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Sales coaching
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Increase Your Sales by 74% in 
60 Days or Less

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If You Have a Genuine Desire to Take Your Life, Career, and Relationships to the Upper Echelons of Higher Consciousness -

We Need a Chat...

Working with industry legends like Mike Dooley, Peter Sage, Gerry Robert, Richard Denny, and Bob Proctor - I have developed a unique, zero BS approach for effectively helping you cultivate a positive mindset and overcome any obstacles that are blocking your success...


+44 203 286 1815

Trainings incorporate selling strategies and philosophies, core beliefs around sales and money, negative behavioural patterns, attaining a high conscious mindset and developing an unshakable self image. 

You'll quickly overcome limiting beliefs, procrastination and self sabotage patterns. With my personalised guidance and support you'll develop the confidence and competence to take your career and life to the next level. 


"We hired Steve to help us form and train a new telemarketing team and he delivered right on the money.  From helping to interview, train, motivate and formulate sales scripts, we now have a team producing in excess of 60 new appointments a month with great conversions. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending Steve to anyone with, or wanting to create a sales team."

James O'Brien

Managing Director @ i-Intro

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If you're serious about taking a quantum leap in your sales results, then book your first session with Steve Q by calling +44 203 286 1815 
or filling out the form below.


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